Supporting all your digital and traditional marketing requirements, while saving you time and money through bringing structure and clarity to your marketing. Flexible service to fit in with your needs and budget.

Why outsource your marketing?

An independent marketing expert can:

Support all your digital and traditional marketing requirements through bringing structure and clarity to your marketing.

Save you time and money which could be better invested in your business

Provide a full service, encompassing traditional and digital marketing in one, cohesive marketing plan

Be that ‘critical friend’, looking at your business with fresh eyes and a new approach

If you need help with any part of your marketing, please do get in touch. I am happy to chat through your current challenges and make some suggestions on how I could help- get in touch today.

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Marketing Strategy

Writing a marketing strategy, to reflect the business’s overall game plan for reaching potential new clients and increasing sales.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing and implementation, to increase your brand awareness and sales.

Content Marketing

Content writing for all your marketing outlets.

Creating and distributing relevant and consistent marketing content, to push key messages to relevant target audiences.


Writing press releases and seeding with journalists.

Looking at how to increase your brand awareness and company presence through marketing activities.


Sponsorship can be a highly effective marketing activity, and can be either financial or in-kind. It is generally associated with groups, charity causes or even trade shows. Deciding who to sponsor is not an easy decision, you will need to consider your brands identity and message as well as ethics, and find the best match with who or what to sponsor. On top of this you will need to contemplate the desired outcomes, relevant content pushes and more, to ensure you make the most of the sponsorship.

Getting sponsorship correct is tricky and time consuming, which is where I can help, I will find the right sponsorship for the right price on your behalf while considering your overall objective, branding, messaging, budget, ensuring this fits into your marketing strategy, work out your content push and media opportunities while tying this all up, with tracking exposure and measuring the effectiveness and desired outcomes.


Identifying the correct advertising platform and message to deliver targeted advertising campaigns.

Google Adwords

Using the power of digital Adwords to create more traffic to your website and increase sales.


Optimizing your SEO to help grow your web traffic.

Increasing the visibility of your website, using SEO to get free and organic search results.

Keyword Research

Identifying the most valuable keywords by analysing data, including search volume and ranking position.

Website Health check & content updates

Creating content and keeping your website up to date. Ensuring everything falls in line with the marketing message and branding. Running website health checks to ensure maximum performance.

Direct Marketing

Marketing products and services directly to your target audience.

Events, collateral & promotion items

Research and booking of events and shows. Writing brochures and other marketing/sales literature. Sourcing promotional items for marketing activities.