Marketing Services

I look at both sales and marketing elements and produce a working viable marketing strategy to achieve your goals and increase your revenue.  

Many consultants provide advice and then step away, leaving you to implement their plans. My apprach is different as I will then implement the plan for you enabling you to have a part time marketing department. If you want to keep some tasks in-house, we will work together to decide what parts to outsource and which parts to keep in-house, helping you to utilize your staff and keep your costs down. 

I work on digital marketing as well as traditional to give you full marketing support. 

Smart Thinking Consultancy’s tailor made approach means you can outsource your marketing services for as many days per month as your company needs with complete flexibility and no long term tie in, so you get the benefit of experienced marketing without the stress of doing it yourself and no long term commercial risk.  I am based in Marlborough, Wiltshire but operate all over the UK. 

Our Skills


  • Identifing sponsorship opportunities to grow your brand awareness and increase sales leads.

Social media

  • Building communities and relationships to generate demand for products & services.

Marketing communications

  • Getting the right message to the right channel. Advertising, leaflets, posters, broadcast advertising for cinema, TV or radio. 


  • Press coverage for products and services.

Direct marketing

  • Marketing products and/or services directly to B2B and B2C  


  • Helping you identify and deliver advertising campaigns targeted to relevant sector and demographic.  



Sales funnel management 

  • Managing new potential customers through the sales pipeline to ensure full engagement.


  •                          Optimizing your SEO to help increase your web traffic.                                                                                                                         

Marketing Strategy

  • Developing a written strategy to encompass alignment of branding, marketing message and product mix.

Channel development

  •  Identifying and targeting new channels of business alongside growing existing ones.

Website content updates and delivery.

  • Creating content and keeping your webiste up to date. Ensuring everything falls in line with the marketing message and branding.




*I help you look at the best platform, key messaging and stratergy, I do not "post" social content for clients.